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Chemistry Technical Specialist

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1st Shift


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Job Description:

Approve product groups for chemistry analysis for both current and new clients. Guidance is provided by both phone and email communications to Sales/Customer Care to set up testing for new customers.

Approve all received samples prior to processing into the laboratory to ensure that the correct test codes and variations are chosen based on the matrix being submitted.

Reviews SARFs by email and in sample receiving to ensure that specific methods and special instructions are followed by the laboratory. If there are discrepancies, the CTS group is responsible for obtaining clarification from Customer Care.

Coordinate special prep or analysis that is requested by the client with associated parties in the Chemistry Department.

Communicate any laboratory restrictions or issues pertaining to samples received in Chemistry. This includes following up with Customer Care and Sales as needed to minimize delays in testing.

Work closely with Chemistry supervisors to fulfill rush requests from clients, as needed.

Maintain knowledge of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) that is required to complete job responsibilities.

Complete any calculations and data review as needed by entering results in LIMS (i.e. relative standard deviation, percent daily value, etc). Add any associated retests if analytical results do not correlate with the client’s expectations.

Communicate to clients by email, phone, or CRM as needed to assist clients in interpretation of laboratory methods or results.

Ensure that nutritional samples are logged in with the correct nutritional package in LIMS according to the matrix. Serving size must also be entered based on the matrix received; the CTS group is responsible for obtaining clarification of any serving size related issues.

Transfer outsourced results into LIMS in order to generate a final COA for external clients.

Perform other related duties as needed.

Job Requirements:

Bachelors Degree
2-4 years of experience


Tuition Reimbursement

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You will join a company with an inspiring mission. With us, you could learn and develop yourself in a collaborative, empowering, dynamic and challenging environment. Entrepreneurship and improving public health are part of our DNA.

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