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Technical Advanced Program Specialist

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1st Shift


Full Time


Administrative / Office

Job Description:

Represents the Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) in presiding over quasi- judicial hearings with Illinois and out-of-state taxpayers, persons of special interest and other members of the general public, involving all taxes and other areas of State government operation over which IDOR has administrative jurisdiction.
Oversees, monitors and directs pre-hearing processes, including but -not limited to discovery, status or progress calls, party appearances and representation, definition and consolidation of issues.
Researches issues relating to factual, legal and regulatory disputes brought by parties within litigation proceedings.
As an expert authority, provides detailed and thorough written recommendations for resolution of controversies which must be considered in the development and modification of programs and services provided by !DOR which impact on comprehensive program goals and concepts.
Confers and consults with supervisor to receive advice and guidance in resolving difficult, unique and/or problem cases and issues involving procedure, policy, statutory interpretation, legal analysis and/or their application to specific matters under consideration.
Performs other duties as required or assigned, which are reasonably within the scope of duties enumerated above.

Job Requirements:

Requires graduation from a recognized law school.
Requires the possession of a license to practice law in Illinois.
Requires three years professional experience in the practice of law.
Requires the ability to successfully complete a fingerprint-based background check and tax clearance.
Requires a valid driver's license.
Requires the ability to travel.


The benefits of working at Department of Revenue include a 37 ½ hour work week, a generous salary and benefits package (paid time off for vacation, sick, or personal leave, twelve holidays) pension and other retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement, and insurance eligibility on day one (medical, dental, vision, and life).

Company Information

The Illinois Department of Revenue (IDOR) administers Illinois tax laws and collects taxes in a fair, consistent, and efficient manner to provide accurate, timely, and reliable funding and information to state and local constituents. By using best practices, IDOR strives to continuously innovate and increase accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in all areas of operations and tax administration, thereby earning respect, delivering value, and being a trusted source of information.

IDOR is a professional-minded governmental entity that values its employees and invests in their success through training and engagement. IDOR values diversity, both culturally and professionally, and believes it can foster a more productive work environment best suited for serving the citizens and taxpayers of Illinois.

Application Instructions:

Agency Contact:
Jacki Summers
Illinois Department of Revenue - Human Resources
Willard Ice Building, 101 W Jefferson St, WIB Mail Code 5-110, Springfield, IL 62702
PHONE- 217-782-6239
FAX - 217-782-9925
EMAIL – [email protected]
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Failure to complete and submit the new CMS-100 version (dated 9/2020 or after) will result in your application being rejected.

[email protected]

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