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Preschool Teachers

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Provides a stimulating, safe and developmentally appropriate educational environment where children have the opportunity to develop cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills. Responsible for the daily planning, management and supervision of the classroom and children. Generally, may lead and functionally supervise an Assistant Teacher or aide. Responsible for ensuring that all parents, children and classroom staff concerns are appropriately addressed.

• Ensures that the physical, social and emotional needs of the children are met daily.
• Ensures all policies and procedures to keep the children healthy and safe are being implemented.
• Creates activities and opportunities that encourage curiosity, exploration and problem solving appropriate to the developmental levels and learning styles of
children through well-defined interest areas.
• Assists and supervises children during all activities.
• Ensures that appearance, cleanliness and safe environment of classroom are appropriately maintained, in accordance with the NAEYC cleaning and sanitizing guidelines.
• Completes all Academy and classroom paperwork: for example, daily notes, student accident reports, attendance reports.
• Attends and participates in staff meetings, Academy events and parent meetings, as requested.
• Prepares and implements classroom lesson plans, programs and schedules.
• Develops, plans and prepares instructional aids and/or materials for classroom activities.
• Assists children with meal times and cleanup.
• Ensures that all classroom and outdoor equipment are in good working condition and are used and maintained properly.
• Directs activities of other staff in the classroom to ensure that the classroom functions in an orderly manner.
• Interacts with parents and maintains open communication to encourage family engagement.
• Maintains the Family Information Board and other classroom bulletin boards.
Schedules and conducts parent and teacher conferences throughout the year.
• Ensures that all licensing regulations are being followed as required by the state.
• Must be able to lift no less than 40 pounds to at least waist high on a consistent basis throughout the workday

• Accepts temporary work assignments in the event regularly scheduled personnel is not available.
• Assists with planning and implementing Academy wide events.
• Meets with prospective families; communicates appropriately with potential new customers.
• Assists in evaluating personnel within the classroom.
• Schedules field trips and speakers for monthly programs as directed by management.
• Prepares classroom portion of monthly newsletter.
• Performs other similar or related duties as necessary.

Job Requirements:

• Must meet all state and local licensing requirements for position, with at least 60 college course credits and 6 of them pertaining to early childhood
• Candidate must pass all state medical requirements and have a clear background check to qualify for employment.
• All employees must receive the required amount of training hours each calendar year per state licensing requirements.


*Paid time off
*Employee discount
*Tuition assistance thru CCR&R in Joliet with finding financial aid/scholarships
*Paid CPR/First Aid training
*CDA tuition coverage-talk to director

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