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IT Specialist

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1st Shift


Full Time



Job Description:

The IT Support Specialist provides overall support to staff and students to maintain information technology systems and equipment in good order and troubleshoot network issues.
Essential Functions
1. Consult with department heads to anticipate IT needs and provide end-user training on hardware functionality and software programs to new employees and ongoing.
2. Maintain an internal helpdesk system to track staff IT support requests and respond in a timely manner.
3. Document processes and create written help guides to assist in training staff and reduce IT support needs.
4. Maintain center databases and shared drives to ensure system security.
5. Regularly perform scans of student computers used for academic and technical testing to remove unauthorized downloads and software.
6. Function as the center Point of Contact (POC) with the Job Corps Data Center (JCDC) and execute updates, upgrades, network maintenance, software installations, and other IT-related functions as directed.
7. Maintain user ID documentation on all center users in compliance with JCDC directives and ensure terminated employees’ access to Job Corps and company systems is immediately revoked.
8. In collaboration with management, appropriately assign user profiles in the Job Corps Center Information System (CIS) to ensure each employee has as much access to information as permitted; ensure access to restricted CIS areas is limited to authorized personnel in compliance with the Job
Corps Policy and Requirements Handbook (PRH).
9. Maintain strict adherence to Job Corps and company data integrity protocols and network security procedures.
10. Monitor computer peripherals, IT supplies, and equipment and proactively submit purchase requests to management in a timely manner.
11. Maintain accountability of staff, students, and property and adhere to safety practices.
12. Promote a harassment-free environment.
13. Utilize information systems and handle student data in strict adherence to Job Corps and Strategix
policies to protect student’s personally identifiable information (PII) and reduce network security threats.
14. Adhere to and model Strategix servant leadership culture values: Honor Others, Inspire Vision, Choose Integrity, People First, Balance Focus with Flexibility, Serve with Humility, and Innovate and Disrupt

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in computer science, IT or related field and three years of experience in an IT support role, or equivalent combination of education and experience. In-depth knowledge of computer hardware, software, and networks. Ability to determine IT needs and train end-users. Knowledge of
database maintenance and system security. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
Bachelor’s degree and five years’ experience in IT support; experience in documenting processes and monitoring performance metrics.


As a full-time employee, you will be eligible for Strategix’s compensation package including health benefits from United Health Care (UHC) Medical, Dental, and Vision Plans. Our medical insurance includes nationwide POS (PPO equivalent), EPO and HMO options ranging from Bronze to Platinum levels with an employer contribution of 60% and an employee contribution of 40% for all plans. Our dental and vision insurance includes an employer contribution of 75% and an employee contribution of 25% for the respective corporate selected plans.

Additional benefits include:

401(k) with Company Match
2 weeks of Vacation Days per calendar year
40 Hours of Sick Leave
10 Paid Federal Holidays
Life and Disability Insurance
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Company Information

Joliet Job Corps Center operated by Strategix Management

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Apply online at

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