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Grounds Worker - Parks

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1st Shift


Part Time



Job Description:

Under the direction and supervision of the Parks Maintenance Manager and/or the area crew leader this position performs the day to day maintenance and construction tasks to maintain and improve the appearance and quality of the parks, athletic fields and facilities. this includes: Perform general outdoor building maintenance.
Build, repair, and paint picnic tables and benches.
Install, repair and paint fences, backstops and play equipment.
Drag, line, and prepare athletic fields and courts.
Remove all garbage, paper, leaves, and refuse material from parks.
Conduct vehicle and equipment inspections.
Perform all turf care including mowing, edging, trimming, fertilizing, irrigating and rolling.
Assist other departments with moving items and materials from one building to another.
Remove snow from walks, drives, lots and trails.
Maintain a clean and safe working environment.

Job Requirements:

Walking: while mowing, pruning and trimming; while inspecting parks
Climbing: to climb ladder to prune trees
Talking/Hearing: to communicate with staff and public
Sitting: to drive a vehicle and/or riding mower
Reaching: to retrieve tools, to repair roofs, plumbing and electrical
Pulling: while pruning and trimming; to prepare athletic fields, to water plant materials
Pushing: while mowing, trimming and pruning; to plant trees and shrubs, to remove snow
Stooping: to pick up planting materials, to remove garbage
Crouching: to pick up planting materials, to remove garbage
Lifting: to pick up planting materials, to remove garbage, to put away supplies, to carry 50 pounds for 25 yards
Seeing: to obtain information from written material, to drive a vehicle
- May be exposed to all types of weather conditions
- May be exposed to poison ivy and biting or stinging insects


Up to 28 hours/week. Flexible scheduling.
BPD Uniform.
Opportunity to be part of the Bolingbrook community.
All employees (part-time or full-time) receive free memberships for Lifestyles Fitness Center and Pelican Harbor Indoor/Outdoor Aquatic Park.
All employees receive discounts on eligible Bolingbrook Park District programs (30% for part-time employees)

Company Information

The Bolingbrook Park District is a public park and recreation agency that has been serving the Bolingbrook community since 1971. We enrich the community through our programs and events. We work with other agencies through intergovernmental agreements to help our residents realize the most benefits possible. We provide opportunities that reconnect people with their community, themselves and their family. We currently operate 5 buildings, 50 parks and natural areas.

Our staff is a group of individuals who love what they do and are passionate about providing for our community. At Bolingbrook Park District, 'we make the fun happen!'

Application Instructions:

Please apply through the Bolingbrook Park District website.

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