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Job Title:

Clerical Aide (Temporary)

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1st Shift





Job Description:

1. Maintains records: (e.g. student files, enrollment cards, student schedules, etc.) for the purpose of providing a reference to appropriate school staff and district staff as required.
2. Files written materials (e.g. copy of the document, enrollment records, memos, etc.) for the purpose of conveying information regarding students to the school and/or other receiving school District. The purpose is to provide and receive information from appropriate parties for action and for maintaining accurate records.
3. Maintains confidentiality of information about students, families, employees, issues, and situations in the course of performing job functions
4. Responds to inquiries of students, parents, staff, etc. for the purpose of providing information or a copy of files and/or directions as may be required.
5. Assists in the organization and filing of records; assists in coordinating annual cases as assigned for the purpose of translating and/or gathering information required.
6. Schedules and reschedules appointments/conferences with parents for teachers or principals.
7. Uses office machines and software to include multiple line telephones, voice mail, document shredder, computer, e-mail, internet, scheduler, contact listings, copier, printers, fax machine, electric stapler, etc. to complete various office tasks.
8. Responds to employees, co-workers, and superiors in a cooperative and professional manner; provides support to other department personnel by responding to requests for information and assistance; facilitates a respectful, friendly atmosphere in the workplace.
9. Greets the public in a pleasant, composed and cordial manner, using professional language’ speaking clearly and effectively.
10. Performs other related duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the School Principal or his / her designee.

Job Requirements:


High School Graduate or Equivalent
Capable of typing 50 w.p.m. and performing other office tasks
Fluent in Reading, Writing and Speaking English
Must have computer experience
Must pass District Technology Test


See Joliet

Company Information

Clerical Aide (Full Time 6 hours to 8 Hours)
(Part-Time 5 or 5 ½ hours)

Application Instructions:

Application Procedures: Applications are considered complete when all required materials are submitted including 1) an online application, 2) unofficial copies of all college and/or university transcripts, and 3) list three recent references with an email address from past or current professional employment. The District uses an on-line application that will be available at All required documents should be attached to your on-line application.