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Bus Driver

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Other Shift


Full Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:

JOB GOAL: To provide safe and efficient transportation so that students may enjoy
The fullest possible advantage from the district’s curriculum and
extracurricular program.
1. Obeys all traffic laws.
2. Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school buses.
3. Maintains discipline when students are on a bus.
4. Reports undisciplined students to the proper authority.
5. Keeps assigned bus clean.
6. Keeps to assigned schedule.
7. Checks bus before each operation as per daily inspection form.
8. Notifies the proper authority in case of mechanical failure or lateness.
9. Discharges students only at authorized stops.
10. Exercises responsible leadership when on out-of-district school trips.
11. Transports only authorized students.
12. Reports all accidents and completes required reports.
13. Enforces regulations against smoking and eating on the bus.
14. Maintains adequate fuel level.
15. Fulfills terms of driver contract.
16. Performs such other tasks as may from time to time be assigned.
TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Salary and the work year to be established by the Board.

Job Requirements:

CDL required, $1,000 bonus offered if CDL is already obtained. Otherwise we will train and aid in the process to obtain CDL.


IMRF participation. On the job training, $1,000 sign on bonus, additional $1,000 bonus if you already have your CDL. Weekly $50 bonus for perfect attendance.

Company Information

Minooka 201 School District, K-8 schooling

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