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Population Health Manager (PHM)

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1st Shift


Full Time



Job Description:

The PHM is responsible for serving as a facilitator for assuring optimal and timely disease management and prevention efforts, develop and implement systems to engage patients in their healthcare through care coordination, care management, outreach, case management, and direct efforts in managing identified chronic care or resource intensive patients, engage physician and staff to facilitate completion of incentive-based care. Schedule calls for Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.

Job Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Social Work, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, or Health Informatics. At least three (3) years of care coordination experience. Three (3) years’ experience in population health management, project management, quality improvement in a health plan, health system or managed care environment.

Must possess a valid Illinois Driver’s License, minimum auto liability insurance. Verification of U.S. citizenship or employment eligibility.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge and experience in Microsoft Programs (Word, Access, PowerPoint, and Excel), Adobe, and have database management skills.


PAID TIME OFF: Bereavement*, Holidays, Personal, Sick, & Vacation
Holidays 13 paid holidays each year
Personal 3 personal days per year (prorated for part-time employees)
Sick 9 hours a month (prorated for part-time employees)
Vacation Up to 16 hours a month maximum based on years of service (prorated for part-time employees)
Bereavement Must See the Collective Bargaining Agreement

PENSION PLAN: Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund-Includes retirement plan, long-term disability, and life insurance features. The IMRF plan is mandatory for all employees. 4.5% of your salary is automatically contributed to your IMRF pension.

COUNTY OF WILL GROUP INSURANCE: (PPO, HMO, or HSA Medical Plan Options) Dental Insurance, FMLA, Life Insurance, and Compensation Plans.

MAJOR MEDICAL: Includes hospitalization, physician care, vision, prescription drugs, and short-term disability.

DENTAL INSURANCE: Covers preventative services, orthodontia, major and minor dental services.

FMLA: Family Medical Leave Act

LIFE INSURANCE: Basic coverage after 30 days of hire.

COMPENSATION PLANS: Liability Insurance, Unemployment, and Workers Comp.

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Application Instructions:
501 Ella Avenue
Joliet, Il 60433
Fax: 815-727-8526

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