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Warehouse Employee

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1st Shift


Full Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:

General warehouse work with an electronics recycler, sorting, dismantle, scan, load all forms of business electronics

Job Requirements:

• Understands verbal and/or written instructions to perform task assigned;
• Ability to load and unload trucks by hand;
• Capable of moving materials and/or products to/from work area as directed (may require use of pallet jack);
• Possess skills to disassemble or dismantle electronic items (large and small);
• Ability to use hand tools (pneumatic and/or electronic);
• Requires use of safety protective gear (glasses, hard hats, gloves, steel toed shoes);
• Commands long standing, continuous lifting, and excellent physical strength;
• Meet and/or exceed established standards for quality and productivity at all times;
• Ability to identify and separate components into various containers;
• Ability to work independently or as a part of a warehouse crew;
• Use various shrink wrap and sealing machines in/at various packaging stages in order to complete job requirements as needed;
• Ability to lift up 50 pounds without assistance;
• Perform other related duties as assigned;
• Able to work with diverse groups in a warehouse environment;
• Other duties as assigned.
Job Skills and Work Experience Requirements
• Tolerance for the physical demands of working in a warehouse (ability to stand, lift, bend and kneel for extended periods of time in an environment that is not climate controlled);
• Ability to safely use material handling tools and equipment;
• Safety conscious, maintain compliance with OSHA and follow EHS guidelines;
• Ability to follow instructions: verbal or written;
• Ability to meet production standards and prescribed deadlines;
• Ability to lift up to a minimum of 50 pounds without assistance;
• Must be able to read, write and speak English and possess good math aptitude;
• Requires excellent physical strength;
• Good communication and customer service skills.
• Ability to maintain and adhere to all requirements of CDC, OHSA and other guidelines concerning coronavirus.
Education and Training Requirements



Application Instructions:

Please send work history or resume to: [email protected]
[email protected]

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