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Carpenter must be proficient in problem solving skills and be capable of independently performing troubleshooting functions regarding maintenance, repair, and construction. Install doors, wall framing, trim, and other typical carpentry tasks. Complete maintenance on doors, blinds, office furniture. Hang pictures, install keyboard trays, modify or repair furniture or display systems. Make modifications to building components such as walls, doors, windows. Complete special tasks that include but are not limited to; painting, locksmith work, tenant services requests, special cleaning, and general maintenance as assigned. Move displays, machinery, equipment and other materials as requested. Assist the operations team in the maintenance and repair of building and equipment. Comply with all policies (e.g., safety, usage and disposal of hazardous materials). Maintain a clean and safe work environment. Maintain records for work completed in a neat and organized manner. Maintain work spaces and shop areas in a clean and organized manner. All other duties and tasks assigned. Entry level to senior level positions available.

Job Requirements:

Must be able to read and interpret blueprints, diagrams, schematics, service manuals, and instructions as necessary to complete all work assignments. Must have a working knowledge of the federal, state, and local codes, laws, and regulations applicable to this trade. Must be able to read, write, and communicate effectively in performance of a job assignment as well possesses the physical strength and dexterity to effectively perform work assignments (ability to lift at least 50 lbs. and use ladders up to 25’).
Covid compliant practices. Must have valid driver's license.


Medical after employment milestones are met.

Company Information

Advocate Inc. is a turn-key general contracting and maintenance construction company that delivers superior service by adhering to the highest standards. With more than 25 years combined retail & construction experience, we focus on project planning and efficient hard-work practices to ensure value and quality for our customers. We approach every project as a team to establish a company standard that empowers employees to perform as owners. All of our work is performed to meet and exceed Illinois Building Codes. We do not believe in shortcuts. A job is never complete without our customers’ satisfaction.

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