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Job Description:

Corner workers man observation stations around the track in
order to provide flagging communications to all drivers on the track.
They also maintain radio communications with race control and safety
personnel in the MERV and ambulance. In the event of an on-track
incident, they control other drivers to safely move through the area,
while providing assistance to the disabled vehicle and its driver(s), prior
to the arrival of the MERV and possibly the ambulance.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Corner Worker Associates at
the Autobahn Country Club are expected to:
• Know the meaning and proper use of all flags
• Each day, check prior to any on-track activities, the readiness of the
track conditions for safe use, with the aid of the supplied checklist
• Check that radios are in working order with fully charged batteries
• Evaluate each accident situation and immediately determine whether
or not an ambulance needs to be summoned
• Document each incident to which the MERV responded
• Work safely at all times and follow safety procedures
• Sign off all flags and radios removed from storage area
• Return radio, headset and flags to “race control” at the end of each
• Keep work station clean at all times
• Submit signed, dated and completed paperwork for the day in a neat
and organized manner

Job Requirements:

Qualifications / Experience: To perform this job function, associates
must have:
• Training and certification as an Autobahn County Club Flagger
• Basic fire fighting knowledge

Education / Skills:
• Language skills- ability to read and comprehend instructions,
correspondence, company memos and directives, including safety
• Flag meanings and proper use, as well as proper approach for
entering and controlling a hot track, safely

Work Experience:
• Experience as a Flagger is desirable, but not necessary to be


Part Time

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