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Substitute Teacher

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Starting @ $130.00/day




1st Shift


Part Time



Job Description:

Under the direct supervision of the building principal, the classroom teacher is to create a flexible elementary grade program and a class environment favorable to learning and personal growth; to establish effective rapport with students; to motivate students to develop skills, attitudes, and knowledge needed to provided a good foundation in accordance with each student’s ability; to establish good relationships with parents and other staff members.
The information contained in this job description is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. Additional duties performed by the individual holding this position may be assigned.

Job Requirements:


Professional Educator License with Self Contained General Education Endorsement or Required Endorsement.
Substitute Teacher License.
Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, public and community relations, academic competence.
Applicants must possess effective behavior management skills.
Applicants must be able to structure a classroom to maximized student learning.
The applicant must be able to establish effective communication skills with a variety of stakeholders.
Demonstrated capabilities in leadership, public and community relations, academic competence.
Demonstrated knowledge, of course, outlines curriculum and text used.


Day to day Substitute Teaching position.

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Application Instructions:

Applications are considered complete when all required materials are submitted including 1) an online application, 2) a letter of interest in the position, 3) unofficial copies of all college and/or university transcripts, and 4) list three recent references with an email address from past or current professional employment. The District uses an on-line application that will be available at All required documents should be attached to your on-line application.

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