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Construction Accounting Administrator

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Job Description:

Maintain processes and perform functions as required to provide consistent, accurate, up-to-date financial and administrative controls on Corporate- and Project-level. Ensure project success by developing and maintaining tracking systems for construction- and financial-information flow, serving as a hub for office/administrative tasks and information to the mostly field-based team.
Secondary Function: Assist Project Leader with project-management duties and provide cohesive presence helping Managing Partner disseminate and standardize processes.
1. Work on construction project team as contract/accounting administrator and as organizer / tracker-in-chief

2. Generally serve as administrative hub for construction-related activities and personnel:
a. Maintain files electronically
b. Develop and disseminate control systems and helps as needs arise
c. Share best practices and contacts across projects as appropriate

3. Serve as consistent office presence for construction personnel and clients of our construction services

4. Lead project and company accounting by:
a. Creating and maintaining project and company accounting systems in QuickBooks b. Processing invoices and expense reports including evaluation and backup, distribution for approval, coding and entry
c. Maintain AP/AR for construction activities including careful tracking of General Conditions items against budget and reimbursements
d. Billing and tracking reimbursements to managed properties for maintenance or capital items performed by construction department

5. Contribute to a positive work climate and to the overall team effort of the company.

6. Perform other reasonable, related duties as assigned or requested.

Essential Behaviors:
1. Demonstrates faithful commitment to protecting company assets and integrity by acting as a role model in the use of company property, adherence to company policy and fulfillment of promises or obligations.
2. Self-motivated and able to manage time effectively by avoiding interruptions and attempting to reduce the handling of paperwork with effective filing.
3. Applies team building concepts and understands the importance of fairness in employee relations. Seeks to create a sense of team and common purpose among all staff members by demonstrating the importance and worth of each team member’s contribution.
4. Willingness to take direction, priorities and accept coaching/training on all aspects of job from partners.
5. Openness to creativity in the development of ideas and tools to improve current ways of work.
6. Willingness to present a professional, well-groomed appearance at all times.
7. Professional awareness of the client-consultant boundary. Maintains appropriate business relationships with Owners, consultants, subs and vendors.
8. Acts as a role model for all staff members.

Job Requirements:

1. Minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience, preferably in accounting and construction management.
2. Associates Degree or higher preferred.
3. Computer / software proficiency and willingness to learn new software.
4. Ability to work as a member of a team, teach others, lead by example, and work effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.
5. Must be able to speak, read, write, and understand the primary language(s) used in the workplace.
6. Aptitude for effectively handling difficult situations that may require high levels of patience, tact, and diplomacy. 7. Ability to work independently with little supervision.


Medical, Dental, Direct Deposit

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