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Assistant Service Sales Representative

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1st Shift


Full Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:


A. Sales Growth - Responsible for increasing weekly volume by selling and meeting sales goals through the following efforts:

1. New Account Prospects - Maximize opportunities for increasing new business by turning in sales leads on an ongoing basis that have the potential to produce new business.

2. Catalog Sales - Generate catalog sales by maximizing opportunities within existing accounts for the purchase of additional products. Meet goals established for average weekly catalog sales.

3. Additional Rental Service - Maximize opportunities for additional rental volume within existing accounts by participating in all contests and promotions. Meet goals established for market penetration, contest, and promotions.

4. Price Increases - Obtain contract renewals and sell customers on price increases as assigned by the Service Manager. Continually sell Cintas to ensure price increases meet established goals.

5. Add-Ons/Stop Orders - Maintain a positive ratio of add-ons over stop orders.

6. Lost Replacement Revenue - Obtain lost replacement revenue due to the loss or destruction of rental products by the customer.

7. Service Agreement Renewals – Ensure all customer service agreements are renewed prior to the expiration date to secure the business for future revenue.

B. Customer Service - Responsible for meeting and exceeding overall customer satisfaction index levels with a minimum target of 70%.

1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – The appropriate PPE must be worn to protect against hazardous materials or substances that may be present on certain customer textiles and mats. Depending on the particular customer, the required PPE may include chemically resistant gloves, long sleeve uniforms or other PPE as assigned by the General or Service Manager. The General or Service Manager will provide guidance on the type of PPE that must be used and the accounts to which these precautions apply. If uncertain whether PPE is necessary, the SSR must consult with the General or Service Manager BEFORE handling soiled textiles or mats.

2. Personal Hygiene – Good personal hygiene practices must exist

H. All Other Duties – Perform all other duties as assigned including carrying out responsibilities, performing duties, using skills and working in conditions necessary to perform all assigned tasks.

Job Requirements:


Oral Communication – Express self in a professional and effective manner when interacting with customers and other partners.

Listening - Interpret information from oral communication.

Impact - Maintain personal appearance and company vehicle in a professional manner. Create a good first impression.

Initiative - Initiate new ideas to get the job done by going beyond the normal performance expectations of the position.

Tolerance for Stress - (i.e., time pressure, deadlines, task difficulty and multi-tasking).

Integrity - Maintain social, ethical and organizational norms in job related activities.

Attention to Detail - Achieve task accomplishment through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small.

Rapport Building – Converse with customers and partners easily. Build rapport through use of listening and oral communication skills.

Judgment - Develop alternative courses of action and make decisions which are based on logical assumptions and which reflect factual information. Decisions must be in the best interest of the customer and the company.

D. Physical

1. Temperature - Withstand extreme temperatures in summer and winter.

2. Climb stairs while carrying product, lift product throughout the day and bend to pick up product. Specific requirements listed in the chart below:

SSR Uniform

1. Lifting 15-65 pounds more than 101 times per shift

2. Carrying 15-65 pounds more than 101 times per shift

3. Reach.

4. Walk.

5. Sit - Sit while driving a delivery vehicle.

E. Language – Ability to clearly communicate in English, reading, writing, and basic mathematical skills.

F. Education – GED or High School Diploma required.


40 hours per week
4 day work week at 10 hours per day
Medical, Dental, and Vision after 30 days

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