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2nd Shift


Full Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:


A. Uniform Routes:

1. Check identification tapes for route and day.

2. Put regular industrial garments into the individual slings after ensuring proper soil separation.

3. Empty all towels from bags and put into respective slings or crates.

4. Sweep trucks from seats to the rear of the truck.

5. Separate products which need special washing requirements such as cottons, whites, executive wear and place in rolling carts. For bulk products serviced on uniform routes, refer to the steps below in I.B. for dust routes.

6. Remove all clean returns from the vehicle (i.e., fender covers, shop towels, etc.).

B. Dust Routes

1. Place all mats in slings up to 150-165 lbs.

2. Prepare all mops for processing.

3. Place all car wash towels in separate sling.

4. Empty all towels from bags and put in respective slings or crates.

5. Separate all white linens into rolling carts or slings.

6. Place colored aprons in rolling carts or slings.

7. Place all clean mats in carts. At the end of the night, return them to clean storage.

8. Sweep trucks from seats to rear of truck

C. Other

1. Maintain a valid driver’s license and excellent driving record.

2. Perform all other duties as assigned, including carrying out responsibilities, performing duties using skills and working in conditions necessary to perform all assigned tasks.

Job Requirements:

Physical Skills

1. Climb in and out of a truck.

2. Lift – Specific requirements listed in chart below:

Unloader Drive-Through

Typical Minimum Times Per

Weight/ Weight/ Shift

Lifting – Below Waist 25 45 101

Lifting – Waist to Shoulders 40 45 101

Lifting – Above the Shoulders 20 45 101

Carrying -- -- --

Unloader - Dock

Typical Weight Minimum Weight Times Per Shift

Lifting – Below Waist 35 45 101

Lifting – Waist to Shoulders 35 45 101

Lifting – Above the Shoulders 30 45 101

Carrying -- -- --

NOTE: All weight requirements are shown in pounds. Requirements may vary depending on the location and the available equipment. The minimum weights listed represent the minimum weight required to perform the job although the norm is listed in the typical weight columns.

3. Reach

4. Push/pull rolling carts

B. Housekeeping

1. Keep area neat and organized, i.e., clear of debris, dirt, and dust. Sweep floor daily.

2. Maintain a high standard of housekeeping throughout the plant by throwing away trash, pushing in chairs, keeping the restrooms and cafeteria clean.

C. Communication

Participate in meetings, discuss problems, and ask questions to obtain information.

D. Compatibility

1. Be compatible with the Cintas Culture. Possess integrity, a strong work ethic, and attention to detail.

2. Show consideration to others.

E. Decision-making

Make decisions regarding quality requirements.

F. Other

G. Count and use a calculator for basic addition and subtraction.


40 hours per week
Benefits after 30 days

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