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Garment Hanger

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2nd and 3rd Shift


Full Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:

RESPONSIBLE TO: Production Supervisor

RESPONSIBILITIES: Hang garments on a hanger in a manner that ensures the best of quality and efficiency. Must meet the standards of the job.


1. Pick up garment form the bin.

2. Tuck pockets or sleeves in and turn legs inside out. Inspect garment.

3. Straighten garment and place on hanger.

4. Place hanger and garment on conveyor.

5. Standards are 230 pieces per hour.

Job Requirements:


A. Stand- Stand eight hours per day.

B. Lift- Lift repetitively up to 15 pounds.

C. Dexterity- Perform job functions, having hand and wrist dexterity at or above productivity standards set by management.

D. Reach- Reach 20 - 60 inches in length while standing at table.

E. Push- Push carts on wheels up to 400 pounds.

F. Count- Keep track of numbers, specials, etc.

G. Temperature- Withstand extreme temperatures in summer and winter.

2. Housekeeping

A. Cleanliness- Keep area neat and organized, i.e., clear of debris, dirt, and dust.

Sweep floor daily.

3. Communication Skills

A. Listening & Oral Communication- Communicate through use of listening and

oral communication. Use information from oral communication and participate in

meetings, discuss problems, and ask questions to obtain information.

4. Interpersonal Skills

A. Compatibility- Be compatible with Cintas culture through integrity, a strong

work ethic, goal attainment and attention to detail.

B. Sensitivity- Show consideration for the feelings and needs of others by use of

interpersonal skills.


40 Hours per week
Medical, Dental, Vision after 30 days

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