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Job Title:

Order Puller

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$16.00 per hour




2nd Shift


Part Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:

The basic function of this position is accurately pulling customer orders for shipment to be delivered without damages and errors, or other duties as may be assigned:

Determines type of jig to use to pull and how many units will be pulled.

Pulls the order by determining what type of jig to use, pulling the bundles, organizing the load, leveling the load, changing jigs, and checking with supervisor when stock is not available.

Scanning product when it is pulled using a radio frequency scanner.

May cut product loose from packaging, cleaning up and then pulling what is needed.

Label material that is pulled, ensuring accuracy.

Checks product for defective pieces and identifies appropriately; notes number of defective pieces on tally for updating system.

Pulls to banding area to be banded making sure everything is labeled – showing number of this unit and number of total units and who packaged it.

Running list of what units there are, and running a packing slip for some accounts at the end of order.

Ensures all the units are built tightly and levelers used properly.

Interact with other departments as necessary to ensure accuracy and completeness of orders.

Operate motorized equipment (i.e. tuggers) as needed for efficient and safe movement of stock and materials.

Cleans up work area, sweeping, rebinding loose bundles, etc. to make sure everything is ready for second shift.

Job Requirements:

Presence in the workplace based on work schedule assigned by Manager, the hours of which may change from time to time.

Must be able to productively perform all essential functions, including physical requirements as listed on the Job Analysis form attached.

Must be able to use hand-held communication devices in a manner sufficient to relay and receive information essential to job performance.

Must be able to physically handle awkward product lengths and lift weights up to 50 lbs, 100 lbs. with assistance. Basic math skills, interpersonal/team skills and reasoning skills are also required.

Must be able to perform assigned duties in a safe and productive manner, demonstrating safe work practices and procedures.

Will be exposed to seasonal weather elements and wood dust.

Start Time : 11am


Paid Holidays

Application Instructions:

Apply onsite at: The Empire Company, 23647 W. Eames Street Channahon, IL

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