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Job Title:

Cold Storage Packer

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Up to $11.50/hr




1st and 2nd Shift




Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

Job Description:

Assembly line packaging. You will be part of a line that re-packages food product, items that would be in a refrigerator.
Follow detailed assembly/production instructions, processes and procedures and possess good hand-eye coordination.
This is a cold storage facility, 37 degrees.
Must be able to perform repetitive motions while standing in place for extended periods and work in a fast-paced environment. Position may also require working as warehouse helpers or picking, scanning and packing orders.
Must be a reliable Team Player and work well in a group setting.
Report problems with quality, processes, equipment and materials to Production Supervisor. More responsibilities may be assigned upon hire.

Job Requirements:

- Be able to work 8 hrs shift, detail oriented, fast paced
- You will need to undergo and pass a criminal background check and drug screening process.
- Please bring a document or documents that establish identity and employment authorization.


Paid lunch

Smoke Free campus

Company Information

- Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, and life insurance.

Application Instructions:

Apply online at

Call the office after completing application at 630/413-0200 to set up a time to be processed.

The office is located at 180 N Bolingbrook Drive on the North side of Fiesta Market.

Other Information: