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Training and Licensing Specialist

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1st Shift


Full Time


Administrative / Office

Job Description:

The Training and Licensing Specialist will report to the Licensing Supervisor. He or she will be responsible for the licensing of professional Foster Parents and Home-of-Relative Parents. The Training and Licensing Specialist will be responsible for leading required training sessions, coordinating licensing and certification processes, and completing all required DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) 402 licensing documentation, reports, and requests.

• Assist with the recruitment of new Foster Parents and facilitate their preparation through referral to Foster PRIDE training, and issuance of license.
• Utilize assessment skills to develop and complete home study documents for new Foster Parents.
• Develop appropriate training sessions for Foster Parents.
• Develop reports and calendars for the licensing department.
• Annually coordinate activities around Foster Parent Appreciation Month.
• License families who can serve as foster families to children in need.
• Provide information to families regarding 402 licensing standards, the child welfare system in Illinois, Agency protocols, behavior management, and license renewal.
• Complete all forms necessary for processing foster family home license in a timely manner.
• Monitor homes for compliance with DCFS policies and standards.
• Maintain a licensing caseload as required.
• Maintain a complete and accurate licensing file for each assigned home.
• Complete licensing complaint investigation interviews, documents, and other requirements for enforcement action.
• Ensure case documentation meets Agency, DCFS, and COA (Council On Accreditation) requirements.
• Collect accurate data on all clients to assess licensing of foster family homes.
• Maintain case record organization and current licensing file folders.
• Regularly conduct in-person monitoring visits to foster homes as required by DCFS.
• Keep abreast of all new developments in licensing.
• Attend (as needed or directed by supervisor) in-service training and orientation sessions provided at SOS Illinois.
• Communicate regularly with DCFS Licensing for submitting documents and completing licensing documents. Access and be familiar with federal laws, DCFS policies/procedures regarding licensed foster homes, i.e., Rule 402, Rule 385, Rule 383, Rule 431, and Child Care Act.
• Maintain case-note documentation regarding foster homes and all in-person, phone, email, and fax contact information.
• Review licensing applications, forms, and documents for accuracy and completeness.
• Ensure SOS Illinois meets all internal quality standards and keeps the Agency in compliance with DCFS in all licensing and regulatory items.
• Prepare for and attend required meetings.
• Submit reports required by the Licensing Supervisor and Human Resources.
• Perform other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree in social work or related human services field.
• Must have passed Child Care Act, DCFS Licensing Standards (Rule 402), Child Welfare Licensure (CWEL), and Child Endangerment Risk Assessment Protocol (CERAP) exams.
• Experience in child welfare case management preferred.
• Must have a child welfare license (CWEL).
• Minimum of three years’ experience in foster care licensing.
• Experience and knowledge of Rule 383 Enforcement Policy.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills and superior interpersonal abilities.
• Proven ability to work in a diverse workforce. Participative management style and advocate for team building.
• Ability to collect and analyze data and develop appropriate reports.
• Excellent word processing and filing skills and proficiency in computer productivity software (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access).
• Organizational and time-management skills.
• Ability to work with DCFS, courts, and other social service systems.
• Ability to pass DCFS-required criminal background check, including CANTS/SACWIS and SORS.
• Ability to provide required DCFS medical report/TB test.
• Valid Illinois driver's license with acceptable driving record; insured and reliable transportation. 3
• Sensitivity to the cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of clients and staff.
• Ability to relate to Agency staff and to the public in a courteous and professional manner.
• Ability to work in a team environment.
• Ability to exercise discretion and independent judgment.
• Ability to handle sensitive and confidential materials.
• Reliable, punctual, and able to manage multiple tasks.
• Ability to work flexible hours which includes weekend hours.
• Ability to work in an alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free environment.
• Commitment to SOS Children’s Villages Illinois philosophy and mission.


1. Health Care benefits through Blue Cross Blue Shield after 90 days of employment
2. 403(b) retirement and savings plan options
3. Accrued paid time off
4. May qualify for Federal Student loan forgiveness

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