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Snow Shovelers

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Job Description:

1) Shovels snow into truck or open sewer from streets and other public thoroughfares.

2) Chops ice and packed snow, using pick or ice-chopper, to clear area around catch basins, fire hydrants, and street corners.

3) May spread salt or thawing chemicals onto roadway from rear of moving truck, using shovel.

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Company Information

Founded by Mike Kerton in 1981, Landscape Concepts Management is an example of dynamic business growth and dedicated service. Landscape Concepts Management has grown from a small local landscaping business into one of the largest and most diversified commercial landscaping companies in the Midwest, with hundreds of employees and annual revenues in the tens of millions.

From the beginning Kerton envisioned a company capable of offering its clients all the exterior landscaping services in-house, using its own resources and its own specialists. By eliminating the need for sub-contractors Landscape Concepts Management is better equipped to provide better quality, faster response, accountability and, most of all, a pro-active approach.

The process of assembling specialized units started in 1985, the Tree Care and Fertilizing divisions being among the first. Hardscaping, Water Features, Irrigation, Seasonal Colors, Design and Planning, etc., followed shortly. To take full advantage of the new system, a matrix management formula was implemented. Individual Account Managers were now able to utilize resources more quickly, providing their clients with a true “single point of contact” approach. The concept was highly successful, and by 2001 clients asked Landscape Concepts Management to provide them with similar services in other geographical areas of the Midwest. Consequently, branch offices were opened in other areas

Application Instructions:

Please call 847-533-1070 to fill out an application