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Professional Foster Parent

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All Shift


Full Time



Job Description:

1. Provide a healthy, clean, safe and secure home environment for the children.
2. Develop, in conjunction with the child's Case Manager, and implement individual progress plans.
3. Ensure that the children receive proper medical, dental and emotional care.
4. Administer prescribed medications as needed, and document all such interactions. Complete all required documentation related to medical incidents/reports, and medication management as required by the Agency and DCFS.
5. Ensure the educational growth of their children. A pro-active attitude and response is required which requires: active participation in the school; setting expectations for attendance and performance; active participation in homework and enrichment programs; advocating for children’s needs; willingness to serve as a surrogate parent for special education needs.
6. Ensure the child's participation in mental health services as required.
7. Attend court, Administrative Case Reviews and related conferences as required.
8. Maintain timely and accurate records such as household budget, children's progress records, health records and periodic evaluations.
9. Maintain household budgets at or below designated levels for all budgeted line items.
10. Participate in on-going training and maintaining current certifications such as first aid and CPR, TCI, Med. Administration, etc.
11. Transporting children as needed, i.e., sibling visits, doctor visits, therapy groups, etc.
12. Represent SOS Illinois in a professional manner to the public and guests.
13. Comply with all SOS Illinois policies, state, federal, county and city laws, rules and regulations.
14. Participate in Monthly Supervision with Director of Program and Services.
15. Provide appropriate clothing.
16. Participate in all SOS Illinois trainings, including QI initiatives
17. Maintain communication streams by ensuring emails are read on a daily basis, the provided cell phone is charged and readily available during assigned shift, and voicemail is checked.
18. Other tasks as assigned.
1. Attend general agency staff meetings, in-service education/training, individual supervision, and other meetings as directed by the Village Director or Supervisor.
2. To maintain an attitude of respect and understanding toward the parents of the child because these people are important to the child.

Job Requirements:

Requirements, Skills and Expectations
Successful Foster Parents must meet the following minimum criteria in order to move forward in the application process.
Valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and clear driving record
DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) background clearance
DCFS medical clearance
Must be at least 25 years of age
Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
If applicable, must adhere to the policy of bringing only one biological or adopted child (12 and under) into the Village home
Must be willing to move to any one of our three Villages (Lockport Village, Chicago Village, and Roosevelt Square Village)
Must be willing to commit to three years of service as a full-time, professional Foster Parent
Valid Illinois driver’s license with acceptable driving record and proof of automobile insurance coverage.
Background and Skills
SOS Illinois is looking for nurturing individuals, domestic partners, or married couples interested in devoting their lives to the profession of Foster Parent, who are:
Experienced with children, either as parents or by working with children in another environment
Adept at supporting the needs of behaviorally complex children with a history of mental, emotional, or physical trauma
Able to discipline fairly and willing to learn behavior-management skills
Skilled in managing a household and a budget
Self-sufficient thinkers with a collaborative spirit and positive outlook on life


1. Paid room and board
2. Healthcare through Blue Cross Blue Shield, which they may qualify for after 90 days of employment
3. Accrued Paid Time Off
4. Ability to contribute to a 403(B) Retirement Savings Plan
5. May qualify for federal loan forgiveness

Company Information

SOS Children’s Villages Illinois offers an innovative approach to traditional foster care. Our model of care gives children the opportunity to live in a nurturing, stable, single-family home with their brothers and sisters in the care of a full-time, professionally trained Foster Parent in one of our Villages. Children benefit from the stability of remaining with their siblings as well as the support of neighboring SOS Illinois Foster Parents and the entire community.
Each Village offers comprehensive services including: individual and group counseling, mentoring, and educational and cultural enrichment opportunities. This highly supportive setting provides children a sense of safety, security, and community, encouraging them on their journey toward healing and reaching their fullest potential.
The professional Foster Parent is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a healthy, positive, long-term living environment so that the children entrusted to their care may become healthy, productive adults.

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