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Home Care Aide

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Joliet, New Lenox, Romeoville, Wilmington, Lockport


1st Shift


Full Time



Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Staffing and Field Supervisors, the Home Care Aide will provide Home Care services to eligible clients in accordance with the Plan of Care provided to the Staffing Supervisor. The below duties will be performed only when applicable to the Plan of Care.


1. Helping to establish household routines;

2. Keep laundry clean and promote proper clothing care;

3. Performing routine housekeeping, such as making and changing beds, dusting, washing dishes, vacuuming and keeping the kitchen and bathroom clean;

4. Instructing clients in budgeting; assisting with the preparation of shopping lists, encouragement of good buying practices, including making the necessary purchases of food and other basic items in cases where the client cannot do the shopping;

5. Planning and preparing meals and special diets where necessary and in keeping with family dietary habits. Encouragement of family to correct inadequate or poor dietary practices;

6. Giving non-medical personal care as needed, assistance with dressing, washing and bathing, care of teeth and dentures. Demonstrating and instructing family members in good hygienic practices; and at the doctor’s request, assisting with self-administered medication;

7. Providing companionship and emotional support to the client.

8. Assisting client with remaining in contact with family, friends and the outside world.

9. Accompanying client to doctor’s office and other places as necessary to conduct personal business;

10. Preparing a written record of each case, consisting of daily records of activities, observations, progress toward goals and direct hour of service;

11. Attending quarterly mandatory in-service training classes and case conferences.

12. Make certain client’s home is safe and in clean living condition.

Job Requirements:

A Home Care Aide must produce proof of graduating from an accredited high school or Equivalent. The proof must be submitted in the form of a high school diploma/official transcript or a General Education Development Certificate [GED].

GAREDA reserves the right to verify all transcripts via the Accreditation of High School Listing maintained by GAREDA’s Human Resource Department.

Home Care Aides must possess knowledge of activities of daily living and first aid; knowledge of all areas of budgeting, housekeeping, nutritional food preparation and clothing care.

Home care Aides must have the following health care screenings:
Physical Exam
Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test and if positive a chest x-ray is required

The above health screenings must be maintained as follows:
Physical Exam every two years
Tuberculosis (TB) Skin Test annually

Home Care Aides must be at least 18 years of age, literate, fluent in the English language and of good moral character.

Home Care Aides must be able to follow the verbal and written instructions of Field and Staffing
Supervisors and adhere to rules and regulations.

Home Care Aide must be able to pass a fit for duty test and have the ability to bend, push and pull up to 35 pounds.

Home Care Aide must have at least one (1) year of experience as a Home Care Aide - either privately or


Flexible Hours
Opportunities for advancement
Voluntary benefits for full time employees
Comprehensive training provided at no cost to applicants

Application Instructions:

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